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The Town of Pouch Cove is very pleased to provide a variety of recreational and leisure opportunities to all residents. Our Recreation Department is operated by a full time Regional Recreation Coordinator. During the summer season, our Recreation Department will hire summer students to assist with our summer programming.


The Recreation Department is responsible for:

  • Providing recreational programming and leisure services
  • Planning & implementing community and special events
  • Parks and playground rental, development and maintenance

Seasonal Programs

Throughout the duration of a calendar year, the Recreation Department offers a variety of programs for the enjoyment of residents. These programs include:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Indoor Walking Program
  • Quarterly Seniors Outings
  • Kid’s Summer Camp
  • Adult Ball Hockey Program
  • Basketball Academy

Special Events

  • Snowfest Celebrations
  • Canada Day Celebrations
  • Killick Coast Regional Games
  • Mayor’s March Softball Tournament
  • Christmas Activities

Recreation Committee

  • Lisa Stagg – Chairperson
  • Rebecca Wall – Vice Chair
  • Danny Connors – Treasurer
  • Kara Connors – Secretary
  • Kim Jordan – Council Liaison
  • Rob Tizzard – Council Liaison
  • Rodney Clarke
  • Marsha Gillingham
  • Tracey Noseworthy
  • Pat Murray

  • Excessive Rain
    Due to excessive amounts of rain over the past several days, residents may experience water discoloration. Please run your taps and clean screens to rid of any debris. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town Office.

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